About us

The McGill Nanotools Microfab laboratory is a fee-based open access facility. We welcome all research and development initiatives related to nano and microfabrication. Our services and competencies range from basic fabrication services to multistep processes. Our team will be there to assist and guide you from the beginning until the end of your project: to get immediate info please call the Fab Manager at (514) 398-3310 or submit a project request here.

In addition to the standard 4"/100mm wafer production capacity found in most university facilities, the McGill Microfab toolset is entirely 6"/150mm-compatible. This allows for small volume prototyping at modest cost, as needed. We make a point of documenting all the processes developed so that researchers can minimize the time spent in process development. Our process database is entirely available to all users.

Our strength lies in our ability to welcome multidisciplinary projects including numerous departments from the faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Science. Our experience with researchers from disciplines that are not familiar with microfabrication led us to better understand their needs and the upcoming challenges.
Feel free to contact us for an evaluation of your project!