Shipley S1813 Spray Coating

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Shipley S1813

Equipment needed

Preparation of the solution

The AZ9245 photoresist has to be mixed with PGMEA (methoxy-propyl-acetate) and MEK (methyl-ethyl-ketone) to adjust the evaparation rate and the solid content. A mix of S1813:PGMEA:MEK 1:2:4 is used. To obtain this dilution ratio, use the balance and a small plastic beaker.
Suck up the solution in the syringe and load the syringe in the spray-coater.

Process steps

Using Site Service Spin coater for 4 and 6in wafers

Step# Step Name Tool Recipe Comments
1 Clean Solvent WB Solvent Clean A solvent clean is necessary to ensure optimal surface quality of the substrate prior to processing
2 Dehydration Yes Oven

Program 8                       10 min @ 150 °C

Improve the adhesion by removing moisture from the surface.
3 Coating EVG Spray coater Shipley
4 Bake Site Coater
5 Exposition EVG620    The exposure dose will vary depending on the resist thickness and the substrate material. Report to process table for more details.
6 Development Litho WB 2 beakers Prepare a beaker with MF319 developer and another beaker with DI water only.
Soak wafer/sample in developer and agitate every minute to help development. When time's up (see process table), rinse with DI water. Check the development under the Nikon microscope and develop more if needed.

Process table

Wafer size Number of layers Mean thickness[µm] Uniformity (%) Exposure dose (broadband) Development @ 21°C
-- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --

Note that exposure dosage are given as a starting point and for specific pattern an exposition matrix should be done to determine the optimal parameter. As a rule of thumb, underexposure will lead to slanted sidewall.