Pricing Structure update March 1st, 2015

  1. All equipment otherwise mentioned in the table below are at a base-rate of $50/hour.
  2. Soft Cap: Equipment rate are soft-capped at 25% once the total usage of the lab during one month reaches $2000 (for academic).
  3. A premium of $0.15 per Angström (Jan 2017) will be charged for precious metal (Au, Pd, Pt) deposition either with sputtering or evaporation. This rate will be adjusted to the price at which the raw material would have been bought.
  4. Staff time is charged $60/h for non-training work (Academics),  $120/h (industrials)
  5. Billing periods: there will be 12 billing periods per year (one per month)
  6. Large industrial/academic service request will be dealt individually
  Academics Industrials
Equipment Coral Name Rate Cap Rate Cap
all equipments $50/h  Monthly cap $2000 then 25% of rate $100/h NA
mira (Ebeam litho) $50/h $300 per use (>6h) $100/h $600 per use (>6h)
dilase650 (UV writer) $20/h




evg501 $50/h $200 per use (>4h) $100/h $400 per use (>4h)
gemstar8_ald $100 per use + cost of precursor $200 per use + cost of precursor  
wbsolvent $50/h $50 per use (>1h) $100/h $100 per use (>1h)
wyko $30/h   $60/h