General Policies

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Weekends, and holiday access policies:

The fab can be accessed during week-ends and National statutory holidays except for the christmas break with the following conditions:

1. A plan of ALL experiments that "urgently" needs to be submitted 48h in advance (Thursday before 12:00pm).  Fab staff can refuse weekend access if they feel that EHS might be compromised. Their decision is final and cannot be appealed.

2. All users (including buddy) need to pass an oral exam by the fab manager to ensure that they know about the EMO in case of danger for the tool or for their health.  This will ensure an adequate training level of the user. This exam has to be renewed every 2 months. Set up an appointement with the fab manager.

3.  Strictly enforced buddy system: always 2 knowledgeable users in the fab at all times.

4. The following processes are off-limits:

  • Tylan (furnaces)
  • HF bench
  • Non-HF bench
  • Silicon etching bench
  • MRC

5. Same user fees.

6. Doubling of penalties in case fab rules are not strictly adhered to (spot check via video)

7. Users are responsible for getting their access to the building during off-hours. Contact with the fab manager.