Getting Started

The McGill Nanotools Microfab (MNM) is open to any student, researcher and industry provided that the project is feasible using the MNM's capabilities.

How is the MNM managing the users ?

The users are organized according to a tree-like structure. At the bottom, there is the supervisor account. This account can host several projects and each project can host several members. Everytime a member enables a tool using Coral, the time is recorded under the project attached to the user (A user can have several projects and will be prompted to choose which one to charge).

To gain access to the microfab you will need to make sure your supervisor has an account already setup. You will be asked to choose your supervisor account during registration. If you can't find the accunt, your supervisor will need to create one. To do so, your supervisor must register using the same form but making sure "pi" is selected in the "access type" field.

Once the supervisor account has been approved by the microfab, access can be gained by the following step:

  1. Register and submit a project at Create New Account. The information will be review and the fab manager will communicate with you if more information are needed. If the project if feasible then proceed to step 2. If not, we will refer you to other facilities within Quebec and Canada that might be able to fit yours needs.
  2. You will receive welcome message.
  3. Answer to the questionnaire for new users.
  4. To access to the cleanroom, you must hold a valid WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) certificate: WHMIS - McGill. 
    Important: A copy of your WHMIS certificate must uploaded to your account (Edit Account > Prerequisites > Upload file). Failure to do so will result in revokation of access privileges
  5. Review the Safety and Behavior video (you have to be logged in to view this page)
  6. Review the Microfab's Policies.
  7. Download and sign (you and your supervisor) the Nanotools User Policies Agreement - Make sure to bring a sign copy to the fab manager.
  8. Pass the online safety quiz (>90%).
  9. Once the safety quiz has been successfully passed, you need to attend the first-time-in-cleanroom session with Zhao Lu. Contact him for scheduling information.
  10. Ask the fab manager for assigning a locker/plastic box. A 20 $ refundable deposit is required, tweezers, a cleanroom note book, pen, etc if needed.
  11. After the first general cleanroom training, your Coral account should be set up and your access badge will be activated.
  12.  If you are a non-McGill user, please ask for a blank access card. A 20 $ refundable deposit will be asked.
  13. Set up the notifications to get news and updates from the microfab.