Coral How-to

Reservations (link to screencasts)

Equipment and process (link to screencasts)

Equipment Status (link to screencasts)



Make a reservation

  • Select reservation tab
  • Select a machine that you are qualified for. If you are qualified for a machine, there will be a "*" next to the name of the machine. If you are not qualified, please contact a labstaff for training
  • Highlight time
  • Select Reservation Actions > Make
  • Enter/confirm Project and Account information

View a Reservation

  • Select reservation tab
  • Select a machine
  • Double-click on a reservation
  • Select Reservation > Next or Previous to view browse through the reservation calendar

Delete a reservation

  • Select reservation tab
  • Select a machine
  • Select a reservation
  • Select Reservation Actions > Delete

Equipment and process

Create a lot

  • Select Process Actions > Create Lot
  • Select  Project 
  • Enter Lot Name, Lot Description, Estimated Number of wafers
  • Click Create

Engage Equipment

  • Select a qualified machine not being used by another user
  • Select Equipment Actions > Enable
  • Enter Project information and click OK
  • Choose Process
  • Enter Run data
  • Click Save

Edit/add run data when equipment is engaged

  • Select Machine that is enabled
  • Select Process Actions > Enter Run Data
  • Choose process (default process is a comment only, specific processes have been defined for each machine)
  • Edit/Add run data
  • Click Save

Disengage equipment

  • Select an "enabled" equipment
  • Select Equipment Actions > Disable
  • Optionally enter/edit run data
  • Click Save and Disable

Edit/add saved run data

When you want to modify Run Data after the equipment has been disabled:

  • Select History tab
  • Select the machine on which you want to edit/add run data
  • You should the time period when the equipment was enabled by you
  • Double click on this time period
  • Click Ok in the popup window
  • Click Adjust in the new window named "Run Data History"
  • Adjust your run data and Save Adjusted Run Data

Export Run Data

Run data can be exported as a text file for offline analysis

  • Select Machine
  • Select Process Actions > Export Run Data
  • Select Process for which Run Data should be exported
  • Select time period
  • Click Export
  • Click Save to save the data as a text file


Equipment Status

Make a comment

  • Select a machine
  • Select Equipment Actions > Make Comment
  • Enter Subject and detailed comment
  • Click Submit

Report problems

  • Select a machine
  • Select Equipment Actions > Report Problem
  • Enter Subject and detailed description of the problem
  • Click Submit : the light tool status will become "orange" until one staff member clears the problem

Shutdown: in case of emergency

  • Select a machine
  • Select Equipment Actions > Shutdown
  • Enter Subject and detailed description of the problem
  • Click Submit : the light tool status will become "red" until one staff member clears the shutdowns and engage the machine while shutdown.

View equipment status

  • Select Equipment Status tab
  • Select one machine to view its status or,
  • Select one area (e.g. Lithography) to view all machines status or,
  • Select the whole lab (mnm) to view all the machine status
  • Results can be filtered by state: shutdowns, problems, enabled, up.

Equipment maintenance record

  • Select Maintenance Tab
  • Select a machine
  • A list of entry (shutdown, problem, comment) will be displayed
  • Sort this list by date or by status or by type (Resolved, Unresolved, Comment, Shutdown, Problem)
  • Click on the entry and select Show Message to view detailed message

Coral Menu Reference:


  • Resources: open the resource manager to modify personal data
  • Report Engine: open the report engine in a new browser window
  • Exit

Equipment Actions

  • Enable: engage equipment
  • Disable: disengage equipment
  • Shutdown
  • Report Problem
  • Make Comment
  • Qualify user
  • Browse Manual: open equipment manual in a browser window

Process Actions

  • Enter run Data: enter run data when equipment is enabled
  • Display Run Data: display run data according to preset variable (Staff)
  • Export Run Data: export run data in text file
  • Create Lot: create lot to be used in Run Data

Reservation Actions

  • Make
  • Delete
  • Next
  • Previous

History Actions

  • Next
  • Previous

Staff Actions

  • Charge Time
  • Delete Charges
  • Run Cost Recovery
  • Process Subscriptions
  • Next
  • Previous


  • Check In
  • Check out
  • Item Check