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16 Aug 2017 RIE PM5000 back online

PM5000 PM finished. System is back online.

14 Aug 2017 Denton E14 Denton Target change: RF (ITO), DC 2(Al), DC1 (Au), Aug 17 in the afternoon
9 Aug 2017 RIE PM5000 major PM Aug 15-16

Dear users,


We will shut down the PM5000 machine for major maitanance on Aug 15-16th. The system should be back online by end of 16th.





8 Aug 2017 XeF2 Do not turn the computer off

Hi All,

I found the computer turned off. Please, after you are done with your XeF2 process, do not turn off the software/computer. It takes a long time for the software to reboot.

Thanks for your cooperation.


27 Jul 2017 RIE PECVD and RIE back online

Dear users,

PECVD and RIE maintenance has finished. The tool is back online now.


26 Jul 2017 RIE RIE offline for maintenance in Thursday morning, July 27th

Dear users,


The RIE will be offline to repair the chiller in Thursday morning, July 27th. RIE should be back online by the afternoon. PECVD chamber will depend on the repaire result.





20 Jul 2017 Denton E14 Denton sputter back online

clear the leakage problem by clean all the o-rings and seals. reach 5e-5 torr in 15 minutes, put back online

17 Jul 2017 RIE Chamber D offline due to the chiller issue

FYI, the chamber D is offline now due to the chiller issue for the lamp. the rest of chambers is still available.

14 Jul 2017 Denton E14 Denton Sputter off line due to chamber leakage

base pressure keeps at 10-4 Torr after overnight pump down. further investigation needed. will keep you posted.

14 Jul 2017 Metallization Reminder: Material refill to be performed by lab staff ONLY


This is to remind you that in both ebeam evaporation systems (BJD and NexDep), evaporation material change and refill has to be performed by lab staff ONLY. For all questions and concerns please communicate with the staff in charge of the equipment.

The microfab team

12 Jul 2017 PECVD PECVD back online and new policy for tool cleaning

Dear users,

The PECVD chamber has been cleaned and back online for service.


The tool recently experienced more contaminations than previous days. In order to keep the tool in good condition, we would like to enhance the tool policy as following:

1. Each deposition in the PECVD should be no more than 5 minutes. If you need to deposit material for longer time, please break your recipe to serveral runs of 5 minutes.

2. After each deposition, user should run the PECVD chamber cleaning recipe. The cleaning time should be longer than your deposition time. The minimum cleaning time is 120 seconds.


Thank you for your cooperation!





11 Jul 2017 PECVD Chamber D offline for cleaning

Dear users,

User reported that samples was contaminated after PECVD. The chamber D will be offline for cleaning from now. It should be back to service by Wednesday noon.





11 Jul 2017 Asher New Protocol

Hi All,

Please adhere to the following new protocol when using the asher:

1. The chamber default temperature between jobs will be kept at 30 deg C, rather than 80 deg C. The tool reverts to the 30 deg. C automatically after your recipe ends. You still should program the recipe for the the chamber process temperature to be 80 deg. C to keep the chamber clean from the etch byproduct when you do the etching.

2. If you do longer etch jobs, you should cool off the tool every 60 min. For example, if your etch requires 2h of O2 plasma, do the following:

1. Do 1h of O2 plasma

2. 10min of pumping down without any gas flowing - you can keep the temperature settings unchanged for both the chamber and for the sample stage

3. Do another 1h of O2 plasma.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


11 Jul 2017 Parylene Al dish - do not push in too deep

Hi All,

When loading the Al dish filled with parylene into the evaporator, please, do not push in the Al dish too deep. Please, place it so close to the door that the door touches it and presses a bit on it. I beleive that if you put in the Al dish too deep into the evaporator, the temperature there may be too high and cause parylene spitting out of the Al dish, which then has to be cleaned before the next run.


10 Jul 2017 Denton E14 Denton Target change: RF (In), DC 2(Cr), DC1 (Au), July 11 in the afternoon
7 Jul 2017 Asher Asher is Up
7 Jul 2017 Lab Cleanroom hair net

Dear Users,

we are currently running out of cleanroom hair net, shipment is on the way. At the moment, you can temporarily go in the cleanroom without hair net.



6 Jul 2017 Mira3 Mira EBL chamber door during pump down

Dear Mira users,

In the past few days, there is user who reported that there is issue when pump down the chamber for a couple of times. it gave you  chamber leak errors.  if it happens, gently using your hand to push the chamber door a bit, and then click " pump" button again. 

And also wrote comments in Coral, we will watch the issue closely if it becomes repeteable. we will need to inform the company for service visit.






6 Jul 2017 Mira3 45deg & 90 deg sample holders

Hi All,

Based on your feedback, we ordered and just received 45deg & 90 deg sample holders.

6 Jul 2017 SEM 45deg & 90 deg sample holders

Hi All,

Based on your feedback, we ordered and just received 45deg & 90 deg sample holders.

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