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15 Dec 2017 Denton E14 denton is back online
15 Dec 2017 Lab Reminder: Please wear your in-door shoes while working in the fab

Dear Fab users,

We noticed that some one entered the cleanroom with either boots or outdoor shoes today. it was quite messy on floor.  Please keep in mind during winter season, we  kindly ask users to wear the in-door shoes when working in the fab (Cleanroom, Assembly room and EBL room). 





11 Dec 2017 Facilities Important: DI water will be down from 5 pm of Dec 12th (Tue) to 9am Dec 13th (Wed)

Dear Fab users,

The contractor of the project 16-087 Rutherford Nanotools will need to shut down the DI water system for some works. So our DI water will be down from 5 pm of Dec 12th (Tue) and back at 9am Dec 13th (Wed) if all is well. It will affect tool used DI water, such as All the benches, and verteq Spin-dry etc.



7 Dec 2017 Parylene Deposition at 30 pressure units

Hi all,

Some users started depositing Parylene C at the pressure setpoint of 30 pressure units instead of 20 pressure units in order to shorten the deposition time. No degradation in the quality of the film has ben observed. Not including the furnace warm up of ~1h, the deposition rate is ~2-3um/h for the pressure set point of 30 units.  It’s easy to change the pressure setpoint on the tool when needed, and please make sure it’s the one you want before starting the process.


5 Dec 2017 Wet benches Wet bench training

if anyone is interested in wetbench training this Thursday or Friday, please, let me know.


4 Dec 2017 Lab Holiday closing, from Dec 22 to Jan 4

Dear Microfab users, 

Cleanroom will be closed from noon of Dec 22 2017 to noon of Jan 4 2018.

All staff at Nanotools wish you have a great Holiday.


Warm Regards


3 Dec 2017 Facilities Chemicals needed at GCM, Polytechnics. Deadline Dec 15,2017

Dear Microfab users,

We are in discussion with GCM, Polytechnique regarding the chemicals McGill users needed in their lab. GCM has limited storage room for extra chemicals, thus, we will need to maximize the benefits of major users. P

lease send us the chemical you will need at GCM, including type, volume and time by the end of Dec 15 to allow us to coordinate the shipping and storage.

Thanks for your cooperation.


27 Nov 2017 Lab Wyko and Probe Station for storage

Dear Fab users,

As part of preparation steps for Nanotool renovation, we are starting to decommission equipments in the room. Wyko and probe station will be decommisioned by next Monday Dec 4 2017, if you need to use the tools, please arrange your work before that time. 


17 Nov 2017 Lab preparation for cleanroom 1st major shutdown Jan 15 - Feb 26 2018: User'storage box, masks and chemicals

Dear Microfab Users, 

As you might all be aware that the first major shutdown is scheduled from Jan 15, 2018 to Feb 26, 2018 for the renovation in the cleanroom. This 1st stage of renovation will include removing all the ceilings, some walls, relocating equipment, installing pipes, lights, windows, filters and so on. We must move out all the storage racks and cabinets in the cleanroom.  Thus, we have to ask all our users to help

1. Take out all your storage box, mask set or other belongings in the cleanroom

2. For the chemicals belong to individual researcher or research group, 

                a. if you are not going to use these chemicals during the shutdown, just leave them there, we will work with waste management to store them in a proper place.

                b. if you will need these chemicals in your own lab at McGill or other facilities, please find a proper way to transport and store the chemicals 

3. For the chemicals belong to Nanotools, we will be responsible for the relocation and storage. However, if you need these chemicals for your research in McGill or other facility outside McGill, please let us know type and quantity/volume needed asap, we will try our best to meet your requirement and arrange the transportation to your lab or other facility (if they agree to accept the chemical). The cost involved will be based on the quantity asked, our purchasing price, and the shipping cost.

Please note the following deadline:

1. Dec 15, 2017: send us the chemical needed, type, volume, shipping address if outside McGill

2. Jan 12, 2017: move out all your masks, storage box, wafer box, or other belongings.  

We understand that the shutdown may have significant impact on your research or study, we will try our best to minimize the challenge and make this transitional period short and smooth. In between the major shutdowns, we will bring back the chemicals needed and resume most of the services. We are also talking to the cleanroom at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal to arrange training and material sharing, we will keep you posted for the progress.

Again, we are sorry for any inconvenient induced by the shutdown. If you have any suggestion, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

looking forward to your kind collaboration

Microfab Team

16 Nov 2017 Facilities Cleanroom open now, water is back, will be shut down again from tomorrow at noon to Nov 28 in the morning
14 Nov 2017 Facilities 1 week cleanroom shutdown: From Friday, Nov 17 at noon to Tuesday Nov 28 at 10am

Dear Microfab, 

After several delays, we were informed that the first major shut down of cleanroom will start from Friday, Nov 17  at noon to Monday, Nov 27.  The cleanroom will have no exhaust and ventilation due to the renovation of the building. Please note all services will be closed, except the assembly room (012) and EBL room. Nobody should access to the cleanroom (Room 011) under any condition during the shutdown period. Majority of the services are supposed to be resumed on Nov 28, except RIE/PECVD (noon of Nov 28).

Please note that there will be another shutdown from Wednesday, Nov 15 at 2pm to Thursday morning at 10am due to the water interruption in the building. 

We are sorry for all the inconveniences caused. Please let us know if you have any question or concerns. 


Warm Regards


13 Nov 2017 EVG 620 EVG620 aligner online now

Dear Users,

The lamp power supply was back, we had soldered and secured the plug for the lamp house. did several runs tests. Now we put tool online now. if you notice any issues/problems, please let us know.

Also, there may be some loud drilling/hammer noises  due the works in B2 level, which you can hear in yellow room



10 Nov 2017 Facilities Cleanroom Shutdown from Nov 15, 2pm to Nov 16, 10am due to the water shutdown in the building

Dear Microfab users, 

We were informed that there will be no domestic water in the building from Nov 15 9pm to Nov 16, 7am during next week. The cleanroom has to be shut down from 2pm Nov 15 to 10am Nov 15. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 




8 Nov 2017 Lab About Verteq 6 inch wafer Spin Rinse Dryer tool

Dear fab users,

if you have used verteq or plan to use, There are few things which we'd like to clarify and emphasize:

1. The tool need to have training and need to Enable/disable in Coral (Under wetbench in coral)

2. It is for 6 inch wafer holder only. and put H-Bar of cassette toward you (H-bar out)

3. There are also tips to consider: such as: if you only have one or very few wafers, try put in cassette center, not in slot 1 or 25.  

4. If ever the tool had error" help" or not completely finish the steps, what you can try is: power off, and power back on again. normally it will continue and solve the issue.



7 Nov 2017 EVG 620 EVG status


The  manufacturer is working on our power supply unit right now. At the moment, we do not have the clear date yet for when the repair is done.

again sorry for inconveniences.

1 Nov 2017 EVG 620 EVG offline because of lamp power supply unit defective

Dear EVG users,

Some of you may have already aware that the EVG offline yesterday due to Lamp being found off. We have done quite some checkings/testing and communicating with EVG company since  yesterday.  Base on our investigations/tests this morning, EVG believe that the lamp power supply unit is defective.  And we have just contacted with lamp power supply manufacturer. The unit has to sent back to manufacture for further diagnosis.  EVG aligner will has to be offline for some time. Sorry for any inconveniences.



27 Oct 2017 Asher No Long Processes in Asher

Hi All,

If you process in the asher takes more than 30min, talk to me first before doing it. The tool is back online after it had been shutdown because of a vacuum leak due to people running long, hot processes. This is the 3rd or the 4th time this happened, where the chamber o-rings melted because of the high temperature of a long process. 

Thank you.




26 Oct 2017 Denton E14 Denton Target change: RF (ZnO), DC 2(Cr), DC1 (Ti) will be installed on Nov 1 in the Morning
25 Oct 2017 EVG 620 Photolithography training tomorrow(thursday) at 2pm


We will have a photolithography training session at tomorrow (thursday) 2pm, if you are in need for that and would like to join.  please email me for your attandance. thanks

25 Oct 2017 Facilities Cleanroom Shutdown postponed,still open during next week, further notice expected

Dear Microfab users, 

You must feel confused and a bit upset when you get this message. Again, another postpone and pending shutdown schedule! 

Apparently, the consequence of losing ventilation/exhaust in the cleanroom was under-estimated, although we had raised the potential issues and long time ago, but decision making has been delayed until the last moment. Necessary evaluation and evacuation plan have to be carefully considered and approved before the shutdown time can be determined. We will keep you posted

Sorry for the confusion.

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