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17 Oct 2017 PECVD RIE/PECVD booking: 2h max/day, respect your reservation, don't overbook

Dear Microfab users, 

we noticed that the RIE/PECVD has been extensively booked since last week. Some users reserved the system for a long time, which prevent the access of other users. As the critical bottleneck equipment for lots of users, we suggest each user book the system not more than 2 hours in a day. In the meantime, please respect your reservation, if your plan changed, please delete your reservation asap, otherwise, an extra charge could be applied and other users can use the system if you don't enable within 15 min of your reservation. 


Thanks for your collaboration



17 Oct 2017 Mira3 Mira is not available during Oct 21 due to ventilation shutdown in Wong building

See the notice regarding the Wong building in Saturday.


Description: VENTILATION shutdown

Date: Saturday October 21, 2017

Start Time: 8am

End Time: 12pm

Area(s) Affected:   Ventilation supply and exhaust (fume hoods included) for all labs in the building

Reason: bi-annual maintenance and air filter change



Description: VENTILATION shutdown

Date: Saturday October 21, 2017

Start Time: 1pm

End Time: 3pm

Area(s) Affected:   Ventilation for all offices in the building

Reason: bi-annual maintenance and air filter change

16 Oct 2017 Wet benches Reducing exposure to the vapors

Hi all,

Let's try to further minimize exposure to vapors from PR, developers, solvents, etc. Please, help by doing things like letting us know as soon as you notice a spill in the solvent cabinet that would give off a strong odor. Stay tuned for further suggestions, and please let us know if you have some sugestions of your own.




16 Oct 2017 Denton E14 Denton Target change: RF (ITO), DC 2(Cu), DC1 (Au), Oct 19 in the Morning
13 Oct 2017 EVG 620 Follow up on EVG620's freezining problem



After some investigation it seems the freezing problem could be related to the movement of objectives and the joystick that controls it.You might have noticed that sometimes after releasing the joystick it keeps moving the objective(s) and you have to move the joystick again to stop it.

To avoid the freezing problem, at the "Adjust Mask" prompt, make sure the movement of optics (objectives) has stopped by looking at the coordinates of the left and right objectives. Then press "Continue". If the software freezes, moving the joystick might solve the problem.


Also please be aware that if an objective reaches the maximum allowed position and you get an error message, if it doesn't go back to the allowed range, it can cause the software to freeze.


To make sure that the system is free from errors, it is recommened that when you start using the aligner exit the EVG620 software and load it again.


Please report all any problem on OpenCoral with sufficient details so that we can follow up on it.


Microfab Team

12 Oct 2017 Laurell coater No more acetone bottle on the spin-coating bench


To improve the lab safety and reduce the risk of fire, the acetone bottle and photoresit waste bottle will no longer be kept on the bench near the spin-cotaer. Instead, they will be stored in the yellow cabinet in the photolithography room. When needed, you can get them from there, and return them immediately when you are done. Your cooperation is higly appreciated.


The Microfab Team

12 Oct 2017 PECVD PECVD down for maintenance from 4PM Oct 12 to 3PM OCT 13

Dear users,


The PECVD chamber will be offline for maintenance from 4PM Oct 12 to 3PM OCT 13. The RIE chambers will not be affected.





6 Oct 2017 Facilities Cleanroom close on Oct 9, Thanksgiving holiday,

Dear Microfab users, 

Please notice that Oct 9, next Monday the Thanksgiving holiday. The cleanroom will be closed. 


Have a great holiday


5 Oct 2017 Denton E14 Denton Target change: RF (Si02), DC 2(Cu), DC1 (Au), Oct 10 in the morning
3 Oct 2017 BJD 1800 BJD is back online



The BJD evaporator is back online.


Micorfab Team

3 Oct 2017 Mira3 Mira SEM/e-beam is back online

After a brief power shutdown in the Wong building this morning, Mira is now available for use. Please, be aware that the beam will need some 12h-24h to become fully stable.


2 Oct 2017 BJD 1800 Pump Regeneration not complete-Equipment will be available Tuesday afternoon the earliest


The unexpected ventilation shut down forced us to shutdown the cryogenic pump. It has to be regenerated that will be completed tomorrow morning. If everything goes well the equipment will be available for the afternoon.

Microfab Team

2 Oct 2017 EVG 620 Mask Aligner is up

after the problem with the ventilation this morning, the mask aligner is up and running. The lamp is still warming up for another 30 min.


2 Oct 2017 Lab Cleanroom open for service

Dear Microfab users,


The ventilation system is back. The cleanroom is back to service. Thank you for your patience!





2 Oct 2017 Facilities Cleanroom Shutdown due to interruption of ventilation

Dear Microfab users, 

There is no ventilation in the cleanroom. The cleanroom is shutdown. We are contacting McGill facility to fix the issue asap. We will keep you posted. 



2 Oct 2017 Mira3 Shutdown tomorrow

Mira will be shutdown at the end of the day today because of some electrical work in the Wong building tomorrow (Oct 3rd). It will be restarted tomorrow and ready for use on Wednesday (Oct. 4) 

28 Sep 2017 Facilities Nanotool Renovation Update: , 1st major shutdown shifted to Jan 15, 2018!!! another Change proposed by general contractor

Dear Microfab users, 

Just informed by generator contractor and McGill Facility, a new schedule is proposed. The newest schedule is as below.

New proposal:

1st shutdown: Beg of Nov, 3-5 days, the exact date needs to be confirmed. 

2nd shutdown: Mid of Jan to end of Feb (6 weeks)

3rd shutdown: Beg of May to beg of July, 9weeks

We were not expecting such as quick change after we sent you the first version of the shutdown schedule. We understand your frustration and hope you understand ours as well. However, to think positively, we will have two more months to provide the service and access to you. You have some more time to go through the training and transfer the fab process at other facilities. 

Many thanks for all the users who responded regarding the details of the project. From next week, we will be scheduling meetings with EPM and INRS to arrange the training. 

If there is any change in the schedule, we will inform you at the earliest time. 

Thanks for your collaboration. 

26 Sep 2017 Denton E14 target just chnaged, Material: RF (cathode 1)- ITO, DC1 (cathode 2)- Au, DC2(cathode 3)- Cr
26 Sep 2017 Facilities Nanotool Renovation Update: information needed from all users by end of today, Nov 26, to prepare the major shutdown starting on Nov 6 (TBC)

Dear Nanotool User, 

So far, we received information from 9 researcher groups, thank you for your collaboration.  We are still expecting info from several groups at McGill and other universities in town. We would like to coordinate with EPM and INRS to schedule the training and fab in a more efficient and organized way. If we don't hear from you by the end of the today, Nov 26, we are assuming you have your plan B already or you would like to approach other resources by yourself. 

Please send the info by email to

Looking forward to hearing from you

Nanotool team

22 Sep 2017 RIE RIE back online

Dear users,


The RIE is back online for service now.


The cause of the problem is that user try to put another wafer into the chamber while the previous user's wafer was broken in the chamber. We are still investigatinig why the machine didn't refuse the action. To prevent the issue occur again, if you have any wafer stuck in the machine and couldn't reach any lab staff around, please report the issue in Coral and shut down the tool in Coral using "Equipment->Shut down". Thanks for your cooperation!





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