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07 Apr 2021 - [PECVD] PECVD back to service
12 Mar 2021 - [PECVD] PECVD offline
10 Jan 2021 - [Lab] Nanotools open on Jan 11 as usual

Tools Problems and Shutdowns

Problem 28 Aug wb-si-etch rinser not operational sristic
Problem 24 Feb am5000 Cassete shuttle doesn't work pyang
Problem 03 Jun Verteq Machine doesn't run recipe pyang
Problem 24 Mar mira air pressure for pneumatic is low johnli
Problem 16 Apr am5000 N2O valve malfunction pyang
Problem 21 Apr am5000 NF3 not available pyang
Shutdown 19 Jan tylannitride dcs mfc issue dberry
Shutdown 08 Jan mrc603 machine needs to go to the OR dberry
Shutdown 29 Apr sitecoat Shut down for station 1 and 2 not working johnli
Shutdown 14 Sep tylanpoly Poly pump makes nosie pyang
Shutdown 16 Nov tylanox Tool shut down pyang
Shutdown 16 Nov tylanox2 Tool shut down pyang
Shutdown 06 Mar cpd down for renovation sristic
Shutdown 18 Apr dilase650 shutdown for relocation johnli
Shutdown 18 Apr evg101 shutdown for relocation johnli
Shutdown 16 Oct laurell-develop The tool is not available at the moment johnli
Shutdown 14 Oct sde110 shutdown pyang

Metal Deposition Target/Crucible Status

Comment 22 Jun 2020 nexdep Material: Al Cu Ti Cr Ni Au mc
Comment 20 May 2021 bjd1800 Material: Ti Ag Al Ni ZnO Cr johnli
Comment 15 Jun 2021 dentone14 Material: Rf-ITO,DC1-Au,DC2-Ti zlu
Comment 19 Mar 2014 mrc603 Material: Cr SiC Al mnannini
Comment 15 Jun 2021 dad3240 Blade:Silicon-250um xcapaldi
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